13 Program

13 is a program designed with one specific goal in mind. One thing and one thing only and that’s VOLUME!

The very most important aspect of training and maximizing long term muscle growth is the overall volume within a program. Where performance specifications and variance of exercises is also an important aspect, volume is what matters MOST and what yields the MOST amount of results.

In this program we’re going to be spreading this volume out over the course of 13 weeks. I have spent months putting together and trialing different amounts of volume and this program is the culmination of those efforts.

We’re going to be focusing on strength, muscle hypertrophy and you guessed it- LOTS of VOLUME!

Volume is the amount of sets, reps, and the overall resistance completed over the course of your training. The volume within this program has been specifically designed for maximum muscle stimulation.

In this program were going to be spreading this designed volume out in order to maximize muscle growth through the following ways-

-Intensity within our volume ranging from calculated warm ups to max effort and complete failure

-Variety including a variance of training techniques from drop sets and eccentric training to power sets and concentric focus training

-Isolation focus for improving mind body connection and body composition

-Strength building lifts for strength

-Compound movements for total body and core training

– Each muscle group will be trained 2-3 xs over the course of the week for muscle breakdown and  higher protein synthesis.

This program is NOT for beginners. This is an experienced level program that requires a gym and accessible equipment including dumbbells, barbells, machines and weight.

This is NOT an at home program

This program is for both males and females looking to build muscle, boost metabolism, burn body fat and improve strength and body composition.

Includes all programming instructions, manual, key including specific performance instructions, recommended rest days and all questions answered personally via email. No Robots. All questions are answered personally by me in detail.

Includes a recommended supplement guide in order to maximize results by filling nutritional gaps and maximizing performance and recovery.


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