CARBOHYDRATES AND THEIR FUNCTIONS- – I posted on this in my private facebook group last week and I felt it important enough to share here. – Let me know if you’d like to be added into this group as it’s completely free and I post daily exclusive education/motivation in here that I don’t many times


  Whenever I go about a persons nutrition I take 2 things into consideration. 1st and foremost the science behind it as without that we cannot get where we want to be. – I always start there as that determines how we can get to our goal. I also base it upon a persons willingness

How To Handle Binge Eating

We’ve all done it. We finish the jar of peanut butter or the bag of chips and then we go….oh fuck. The stomach is distended…we have a nice sugar crash and anxiety sets in. It’s fun while it lasted but now we feel guilty. __ I want to explain not only how to handle this

Crash Dieting: Let’s Stop The Yo Yo Weight Gain Cycle

Have you lost weight only to put it back on? Have you gained more weight back then you lost? Do you continually yo yo back in forth while taking drastic measures to attempt to lose weight? Then This Post Is For You I really want to shed some light on this topic as there are

Am/PM Eating – When & Why To Do It

Are you Eating When you Wake up in the Morning? Are you Eating Before you go to bed? Are you eating ENOUGH? We all do this. We wake up…usually late….jump out of bed and rush from point A to point B. We live in a FAST world and it’s go go go. We have jobs,

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