Abs Program

Mind & Matter’s isolation series programing

This programming series is designed to isolate specific muscle groups in order to build your ideal physique!

If there is one thing I am known for it’s abs! Included in this program I have my own personal entire ab routine that I use for both my on season show competition show preps and my offseason training as well.

I have put over a decade into personally developing my own core and am excited to share this knowledge with you! I never let up on my abs even if I am not in a competition show prep and that’s what has lead me to develop a well dense, conditioned and strong core.

Where nutrition is the most important aspect when it comes to incinerating body fat to show a well defined core, there needs to be a core to show!

We’re going to work specifically on all sections of the abdominal muscles underneath so as that once those layers of body fat are gone, you will have a well defined, visually appealing and conditioned set of abs!

This is a 10 week program that is broken down into 4 separate phases.

Phase 1- isolation: Weeks 1-4

Phase 2- hypertrophy:  Week 5

Phase 3- eccentric training:  weeks 6-9

Phase 4- High Intensity training:  Week 10

This program is for both males and females looking to strengthen their core and improve upon core composition.

This program can be performed at a gym OR at home if not currently belonging to a gym.

This program can be used in repetition with itself

Includes all programming instructions, manual, key including specific performance instructions, recommended rest days and all questions answered personally via email. No Robots. All questions are answered personally by me in detail.


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