Whenever I go about a persons nutrition I take 2 things into consideration. 1st and foremost the science behind it as without that we cannot get where we want to be.

I always start there as that determines how we can get to our goal. I also base it upon a persons willingness to both follow a plan and their mental state.

For example I know that when it comes to long term dieting some people are willing to go a little further than others. Some are ok with hunger. This is also dependent on how much food there is within a persons adapted nutrition. Some have no choice but to enter a reverse diet phase to prepare for long term fat loss.

So when is the correct time to go into a fat loss phase?

Let’s just use an example. Let’s say we have a person who dieted in the past and is now increasing their food.

Their daily macros are now up to 190p 205c 53f coming back from a recent diet where they had to push it.

Can we get some fat loss if we went into a dieting phase? Yes. However these numbers are not high. So can we and should we are two completely separate things.

So what this means is when we start our fat loss and we start decreasing our macros we’re going to immediately be back in the 100’s as far as carbs go. We may even have to make an aggressive decrease to get things moving upwards of 30 carbs right away.

Sometimes it can take a few kicks in the ass to get things moving after increasing food for a while.

Again where we can get some fat loss, for long term success should we pull the trigger and will we be able to get as much as we could? The answer is NO. And that’s the science of things.
Depending on the person, their personality, goals and how much body fat there is to lose…more times that not the answer is to continue increasing food.

Again this is all based upon the persons adapted nutrition as well as their willingness to follow a plan EXACTLY.

A LOT of people run into trouble simply due to having one foot in and one foot out on hitting macros exactly.I used to be a little less lenient on this with clients, however over time with as much knowledge as I have, my tolerance has gone done. That’s only because in order to get results you need to be exact. Other wards you’ll find very quickly you won’t get at all where you’d like to be.

There are no negatives to properly continuing to increase daily food intake, only positives.

Now. There is another factor that is going to come into play after coming off of a recent fat loss plan and deciding to go into another one.

One thing that happens the more we diet is the less the body wants to let go of body fat. With more body fat comes easier fat loss and even leaves some wiggle room for how militant we are with our weighing/measuring/eating at restraunts, etc.

With less body fat comes a more challenging time. You may have even had this happen without knowing what was going on. Dieting, but no weight loss.This is due to the body being in a steady place and not overweight. Again, it’s why it’s so important to be exact with our nutrition. You’re human. You can starve, however your body knows if you’re taking in the correct amount of macro nutrients in order to lose weight. The metabolism is also effected by dieting in a major way, which means our ability to burn calories is less efficient. That’s also what we’re working on through our food increases when in a reverse diet/calorie surplus.

A higher metabolism and more muscle a person has means the easier we can burn body fat. During your next diet you’ll find that you’ll even need to be more precise with weighing measuring at all times which is again why I stress the fact of being 100% on your nutrition. We’ll find that if we aren’t as exact as possible that it will interfere with our progress. Theres just less wiggle room for each diet unfortunately. It’s the way your body works. It’s so important that many times if people deviate just a tad when dieting or don’t exactly account for every little thing in their daily intake, it stalls progress.

So what is as important as dieting? Time spent away from it.

Let’s say we diet for 8 months and get as lean as possible.

We want to reverse diet for a little longer as we still need to make sure you have some time spent away from being in a deficit. It will make the future dieting process all that more successful because again.

This is the trap that crash dieters fall into. They diet hard every few months and yo yo back and forth however not really getting anywhere and even seeing an overall decline in their physiques as time passes. Unfortunately unless their approach is changed they never will move forward. It takes being patient as hell.

Reverse dieting presents its own challenges especially after coming from a very intense diet. Where our bodies are MUCH healthier than they were in our diets, its mentally challenging which is just as difficult. Sometimes more. Just know that its necessary and its part of the process and its an investment in you overall body composition.

It will pay off and its this time spent away from dieting that is going to make your upcoming diet extremely successful, getting better and better each time you do it.

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