Am/PM Eating – When & Why To Do It

Are you Eating When you Wake up in the Morning?
Are you Eating Before you go to bed?
Are you eating ENOUGH?
We all do this. We wake up…usually late….jump out of bed and rush from point A to point B. We live in a FAST world and it’s go go go. We have jobs, obligations & families.
This leaves very little time for…well…sometimes us.
This becomes routine and before we know it each day is spent rushing. Is there time to actually sit down and feed our bodies? Not unless we make the time.
Most people simply aren’t eating enough.
Not many people are eating in the morning, especially if they’re not following a fitness regiment or a specific meal plan.
Why? Time and…we’re not fucking hungry! Why would we eat if we’re not hungry?
Here is something that ANYONE can benefit from even if not following any fitness program.
This will also help you in the future if ever you decide to pick up a fitness regiment to think of it as an easy investment in your health.
First Why Should We Eat When We Wake Up?
When we are sleeping we go into what’s called a catabolic state. This means we are breaking down muscle tissue and storing body fat. EVEN if we are on a fitness regiment we will go into this state. The only way to avoid this….eating.
Being that we’re not going to wake up in the middle of the night, this means we need to eat FIRST thing in the morning. If not, while you’re out the door and out running around at your job you’re also storing body fat.
Let’s keep it simple. This doesn’t have to be uncomfortable.
This doesn’t have to be a big time consuming meal. You may not be hungry and you may not have time and you may know yourself…am I really going to wake up earlier?
Try something like a protein shake for a protein source and a carbohydrate such as a banana or a handfull of strawberries. They’re light on the stomach, easy to get in and will do what we want it to do, which is get you anabolic and in a muscle building or at the very least muscle retaining, and fat releasing state.
If the body doesn’t know a meals coming in often, it sure as he’ll isnt going to let go of any body fat.
I personally have a protein shake first thing. Some days I will switch this out for a protein bar, but it’s in my body asap.
Don’t get me wrong there are mornings where I lie in bed for a while before getting up, that’s not what I mean. I mean as soon as you get up go pee, have a quick meal then jump in the shower and do your thing. You are now anabolic. Go you.
Then, Go about your day and just by doing this ONE thing…you will be improving.
Let’s talk about eating in the PM.
Most people are eating dinner approx. at 5 or 6. Well… we’re going to burn through that, especially if we didn’t eat too much during the day which means we’re getting ourselves into that catabolic state before we want to be. You will be catabolic over night, but we want to delay that as much as possible.
If having dinner around 5-6 try adding in a very light snack before bed approx. 45 min to 1 hour. It can be a protein source such as some low fat string cheese and even a low carbohydrate snack such as a rice cake or 2.
If you eat 2 pieces of low fat string cheese and 2 rice cakes you are going to be feeding your body roughly 14gs protein 5gs fat and 16grams carbs. Thats not a bad snack and you’ll delay this breakdown state much longer. If cousciousn of food /macros you would just figure this into your daily intake.
This would also be a good time to incorporate a veggie as veggies are a complex carb and break down slowly. That will aid in delaying that catabolic state and honestly Most of us arent eating enough veggies as it is ,so you’ll be feeding your body much needed micronutrients.
This will get 2 things done at one time…. getting 2 birds stoned at once 😉
By making these 2 easy adjustments to your day your body will then be in an anabolic state more than in a catabolic state. What this will do is raise your metabolism, burn more calories, if you’re training/exercising you will build more muscle as well as burn way more body fat. Otherwise you are only going to be storing fat and year after year this will add up.
Anyone can do this and should do this.
Again, even if you’re not exercising you still want to keep your body in as good of shape as you can and as healthy as possible.
You may find that you’re not hungry at first. It may be hard to eat in the morning. Chances are your metabolism is slow and by doing this…that will change and you will become hungrier over a few weeks time.
You’ll wonder how you ever left the door without feeding your body!

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