Glutes Program

Mind & Matter’s isolation series programing

This programming series is designed to isolate specific muscle groups in order to build your ideal physique!

Squatting, deadlifting, and lunging, can sure make the glutes sore but they do not specifically isolate the glutes. They target the quads, hamstrings and erector spinae all at once. Where they are need, In order to achieve the back end that we would like we need to do more. Compound movements just  don’t activate as much glute as we would like when isolating it and certainly not in comparison to the exercises included in this program!


-This program not only includes variances of squatting, but also specific exercises designed to strengthen, build and condition the glutes as They’re  maximally contracted from hyperextension exercises as well as isolation techniques.

This is what we are going to work on within this specialization program using a variance of techniques and movements.

This is a 10 week program designed to build your glutes!

This program is not just for women. Strong glutes are going to mean a well developed physique, a supported back and core, and a well defined and sculpted lower body.

This program is for both males and females looking to strengthen their glutes and improve upon glute composition.

This program can be performed at a gym. This program requires weights and machines.

This program can be used in repetition with itself

Includes all programming instructions, manual, key including specific performance instructions, recommended rest days and all questions answered personally via email. No Robots. All questions are answered personally by me in detail.


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