Machine 12 Week Training Program

Welcome to the Machine! This is a Mind & Matter Level Red Program.

This program is NOT for beginners and for advanced lifters only.

There are many different ways of training ranging from several types of ideals and methods. Some are proven effective where others lack proven results. Within this program we are going to be working on 2 things.

The overall Volume of this program is broken down into 12 weeks and 6 separate parts.

This program includes techniques that are proven effective for maximum muscle growth and stimulation.

Each part includes a completely different and proven effective way of training with carefully calculated volume in order to completely void the body from acclimating as well as to further muscle confusion and aid in overall muscle hypertrophy & protein synthesis. This program is made to maximize efforts within the gym!

The Machine includes a 6 part manual with techniques ranging from-

-Cellular fatigue and pre-exhaustion

-Specialized hypertrophy volume

-Progressive overload training

-Concentric and eccentric training

-Blood profusion training

-Slow and intermediate muscle fiber activation

-Max overload training (MAX OT)

РEach muscle group will be trained 2-3 xs over the course of the week for muscle breakdown and  higher protein synthesis.

This program is NOT for beginners. This is an experienced level program that requires a gym and accessible equipment including dumbbells, barbells, machines and weight.

This is NOT an at home program

This program is for both males and females looking to build muscle, boost metabolism, burn body fat and improve strength and body composition.

Includes all programming instructions, manual, recommended rest periods, key including specific performance instructions, recommended rest days and all questions answered personally via email. No Robots. All questions are answered personally by me in detail.

Includes a recommended supplement guide in order to maximize results by filling nutritional gaps and maximizing performance and recovery.


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